OCTOBER WexTeachMeet

Oops!  This took a while!  Here is what happened at October WexTeachMeet when we moved to the HALL (look how far we’ve come!)Image:

1.  Ben got us to declare our undying love for one another…ok he demonstrated a drama game that got the kids moving and engaged at the start of the lesson.

2.  Shabana shared assessment, target setting and progress tracking resources that are Ofsted approved!

3.  Rav shared how she uses the marking stickers to kick-start an assessment dialogue with her students…

4…and how simple handwritten target cards can make all the difference with disaffected pupils.

5.  Ruth got us thinking about our own comfort/stretch/challenge when it comes to our own practice.

6.  Mary shared how she uses Help Yourself and Aim Higher resources in a practical classroom.

7.  Jordan shared her personalised version of the 5 minute lesson plan that focuses on planning a learning sequence (and will be posted here soon!)

8.  Meghan proved that she can’t sort out a deck of cards…

9.  …and I got us all to participate in our own version of Pedagoo Friday (don’t know what that is, why aren’t you on Twitter?!?!) by using Padlet to record our WexWonders.

UK Ed Chat Specials before Christmas

Get on Twitter and check out these upcoming UK EdChat specials:

28th November – Geography

12th December – Music

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Flipping Learning at KS4 with Learning Blogs

Why bother? Watch this!

Feel free to visit my blogs to see how they work and what types of thing you can do with them:




The Bare Necessities of teaching and learning!

During the midst of the teaching and learning review G, I have been reflecting on the absolute basics that I try to get in to my typical ‘every day’ teaching!

Have a look at the document and see if it helps! There will be a video presentation tomorrow in briefing to support this document!

The Bare Necessities …

Happy teacher geeking 🙂



TeachTweet: have a look at the presentations here!

Teachtweet is a virtual TeachMeet. There was one last night and here are the presentations.