Learning Blog Bonanza

It is so exciting to see QR codes and Learning Blogs galore at Wexham!  That is the power of TeachMeet!

Here is the link to my English learning blog.  I am using it lots at the moment to keep my Year 11s on track.  They all seem to be absent for a myriad of reasons so this way they can access the lessons from home.

I have used both EduCreations and Explain Everything (ipad Apps) to create the presentations embedded on the blog.

Another tip: you can export your Smart Notebook presentations as PDFs and then they are postable on blogs.

Finally, if you want all of this to be possible, you will need Dropbox or GoogleDrive.  These ‘clouds’ allow you to create hyperlinks to documents, videos, any files that the kids might need to FLIP their learning and get working at home.

Come to TeachMeet if you want a demo!

Happy weekend!  And thanks for all of the lovely smiles and congrats this week.  Feeling part of a very special team at Wexham at the moment.

Steph ox


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