Engagement… in the classroom and not to be married!

So today my challenge was to present to the teaching staff of Wexham on Engagement…. the question is could I keep the staff engaged this morning!
I decided to create an acronym for the word ENGAGEMENT and came up with the following:
New Technology
Teachmeet (& Tea!)

The idea is that these are the tools we use to engage our students and by putting them in an acronym they should be easy to remember. Quite simply Enthuse your students – be positive, it will rub off on them. Navigate and guide them to their final destination / goal and promote independent learning – you can always try the 3 be 4 me concept. Be genuine -don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Always nice to greet your class as they come in one by one with a smile. Doing the smae old thing day in day out? Don’t! Be adventurous in the classroom and step outside of that comfort zone… I dare you!
Games can be so much fun when learning and can help pupils to retaim information – whether you are using a tried and tested game or you want to get creative and make your own. Excellence – surely this is something we should strive for all of the time and expect nothing less from our students. Look into my eyes………… mesmerise your students. If learning is fun they won’t want to look at their phones. Empowerment… well it is powerful. Can they be put in charge of their destiny? Can you promote independent thinkers! New technology is amazing! Ipads are such a great tool for teachers and students but it is key that you are confident, so get practicing! Finally teachmeet and tea – so geeking really is fun and a great way to get ideas from colleagues in a postive environment. Plus who wouldn’t turn down a nice cuppa and a fondant fancy (and yes the pink ones are my favourite!)
So get engaging people and lets also see how many educational acronyms we can make.


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