10 Reasons to try TeachMeet

1. Tea, coffee and cakes.
2. Chatting with colleagues from other departments (who are very marvellous and lovely!)
3. Learning Leaders – an approach to stretch and challenge shared by Ruth (English).
4. Using images to engage EAL Priority learners – a quick, easy and effective approach tried and tested with Oskar in Year 8 and shared by Rav (English).
5. Prezi – a engaging way to spice up your tired PowerPoint presentations shared by Paul (Humanities).
6. The Wheel of Wonder – a questioning strategy sure to engage all levels of learner shared by Steph (English/Media).
7. Unlocking he power of your SmartBoard and using games for learning – a cavalcade of practical ideas shared by Leigh (Maths) including the use of Tarsia to design puzzles for your subject.
8. Supporting independent enquiry into large chunks of content shared by Saba (Science).
9. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan (in its purest form) shared by Ruth (English).
10. Using Cards of Fate for mini plenaries shared by Steph (English).


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